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Virtual Training

Vector Athletics Virtual Training is a new concept of allowing you to get specific personal training at a fraction of the cost. For a low monthly price you will get personal athletic training that you can do at your convenience. The first month is free and you can cancel at anytime, there are no contracts to worry about. Each exercise in your program has a video example and explanation, you also have the ability to video tape yourself and send it to your trainer or compare your video to the training video to see how you are doing.

If you already have an account click on the button below to login.

If you do not have an account select the appropriate option below to get started:

Youth Fitness Training - For athletes ages 8 - 18

Youth Fitness Intermediate

Fury 07 Training - For Missouri Fury 07 players only

College Fitness Training

How to do your workouts using the app


All trainers at Vector Athletics are certified by the International Youth Conditioning Association.

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