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Vector Athletics Youth Trainers

The Youth Fitness Specialists at Vector Athletics are attempting to positively impact the healthy living habits and behaviors of tommorow's generation. They believe that developmentally-sound, purposeful and fun movement exposures provided through conditioning, fitness and sports are critical building blocks in optimally developing young athletes during the formative years and well into adulthood.

Craig Rothmeyer
IYCA Certified in Youth Fitness,  Speed and Agility and Resistance Band Instruction


Craig Rothmeyer has been coaching in the St. Louis area for over 7 years. He has been involved in all levels of coaching from recreational to elite sports. 3 of his 5 daughters have chosen to be athletes and he has helped train all three of them to have the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. Craig has worked with a variety of different levels of athletes, from long distance runners to power athletes along with speed and agility development. All of his experience has been focused around Long Term Athletic Development. " I learned early in my coaching career, that development at a young age needs to be centered around becoming the best athlete you can be. When you get older and start training on sports specific things like pitching, shooting baskets, etc... all of these things come easier if you are a good athlete. I have always believed in using progressions to get through a task, not only in athletic development but in every aspect in life. Setting small goals and progressing through a task keeps you engaged and focused. Just keep accomplishing small goals and before you know it you have accomplished a large one ".

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