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College Fitness Training


College athletics are very misunderstood by incoming Freshman, many athletes you are competing with have been in the program for 2-3 years and have an understanding of what it takes to compete at the college level. This training program will help you understand what it takes to be a college athlete. There is a different level of commitment that you need in college and most incoming athletes do not understand this until they get to college and then many feel overwhelmed. This training will teach you how to train like a college athlete and will get you to the level you need to be at quickly. It will use all 5 athletic training areas, Strength, Power, Speed, Athleticism and Conditioning and will challenge you to be your best.


We will also work on teaching every athlete how to take care of their body, this is an important item that is often overlooked. They will be taught how to stretch each muscle group using static, dynamic and 3D stretches to work all planes of each muscle group.


The cost of this virtual training is only $10 per hour per athlete along with a $10 per month charge for our phone app.

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Working Strength, Power, Speed, Athleticism and Conditioning

Video examples of every exercise

$10 per month for out phone app

Workouts are developed for college level athletics

Year around personal training if needed
IYCA Certified Trainers
$10 per hour per athlete in person sessions
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