Speed and Agility Clinic


This clinic will focus on teaching the mechanics of speed and agility. Some of the skills that we will focus on  are acceleration, deceleration, arm swing, knee drive, foot strike and change of direction. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on deceleration as most non-contact knee injuries are due to a lack of proper deceleration mechanics.


We will also work on teaching every athlete how to take care of their body, this is an important item that is often overlooked. Each athlete will receive a foam roller and will be taught how to use it effectively. They will also be taught how to stretch each muscle group using static, dynamic and 3D stretches to work all planes of each muscle group.


For this clinic there will be 6 sessions, once per week.


Each class will 90 minutes long consisting of a warm-up, skill teaching, skill drills, core work and will finish with body maintenance.


The clinic will be held at the New Melle Activity Center on Tuesday or Thursday night. There will be one class per each night from 6 - 7:30pm.


Each class will be limited to 10 athletes.


The cost of the clinic is $49.95 per athlete


At Vector Athletics, we believe that starting an athlete early and teaching good mechanics is the key to becoming a better athlete. We also focus on strengthening and stabilizing the correct areas, doing this will do wonders not only for multi-directional speed but for confidence as well. This training program will help every participant become a better athlete.



Learn the mechanics of being fast and agile

Find out how to take care of your body to help prevent injuries

6 sessions once per week

$49.95 per athlete

Limited availability don't miss out