Missouri Fury Training


The Fury virtual training will focus on becoming the best athlete you can be. It will use all 5 athletic training areas, Strength, Power, Speed, Athleticism and Conditioning.


We will also work on teaching every athlete how to take care of their body, this is an important item that is often overlooked. They will be taught how to stretch each muscle group using static, dynamic and 3D stretches to work all planes of each muscle group.


When you sign up you will receive 2 resistance bands that will be used in several exercises in the program. One will be a 41" band and one will be a 13" band. With these two bands we can do almost everything needed to produce results.


The cost of this virtual training is $6.95 per athlete per month. You can cancel at any time.

At Vector Athletics, we believe that starting an athlete early and teaching good mechanics is the key to becoming a better athlete. We also focus on strengthening and stabilizing the correct areas, doing this will do wonders not only for multi-directional speed but for confidence as well. This training program will help every participant become a better athlete.

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Free 30 Day Trial

Working Strength, Power, Speed, Athleticism and Conditioning

Video examples of every exercise

$6.95 per athlete/month

Workouts are developed for youth athletics, it is not watered down adult training

Year around personal training
IYCA Certified Trainers