Baseball and Softball training


What we have found in our many years of coaching is that young players are lacking the strength needed specifically in their hands, wrist, forearms, core and lower body.


Most of the athletes do not know how to put out 100%, the good ones play at around 75% and most are around 50% - 75%.


Running mechanics do not exist.

Most athletes get 6-24 weeks of training in the off season, in our experience this is not enough to help the young athletes become the best that they can be. Young athletes should be involved in a long term athletic development program. This will help them learn slowly and keep progressing as they get older and their athletic ability increases. 


This program with teach young athletes how to workout, making it fun for them and showing them results will encourage them to continue to workout when they get older. We will use gamification and challenges to push the athletes to work as hard as possible. Each athletes program will be customized for them, taking into account any other sports or activities that they participate in. 

They will workout with a Vector Athletics coach at least once a month and use the Vector Athletics  app for workouts during the rest of the month.




We will use gamification to push the athletes to work to their full potential. Below are some examples showing the weeks most improved athletes and the top 5 for a particular exercise. We have found that the athletes want to be recognized as 




Learn the mechanics of being fast and agile

Find out how to take care of your body to help prevent injuries

6 sessions once per week

$49.95 per athlete

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